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Windswept Ranch

There's magic in the wind!!

Exotic Animal Rentals - Petting Zoo in Southern California


Nestled in the foothills of Southern California’s Antelope Valley,

Windswept Ranch is home to an unusual collection of gentle creatures ranging from miniature Donkeys, (big ones, too), Horses (all sizes), Camels . . . .Llamas . . . .Alpacas . . . . Sheep . . . . Peacocks . . . . Goats . . . .Zebra . . . .and, ... Reindeer!!


Recognized for its dedication to the wellbeing of all animals, Windswept is one of the few facilities licensed to shelter deer. As a matter of fact, many of the animals at Windswept Ranch  arrived as rescue animals, taken in for gentle rehabilitation or retirement. Here, visitors find animals that might otherwise have been destroyed, living peacefully in a natural environment.


After years of taking in abandoned and abused animals, owners David and Diana Frieling realized that these wonderful animals had valuable lessons to teach:  The Frielings believe that learning responsibility at an early age is critical to solving the problems that brought many of these animals to the ranch: So, today all of Windswept Ranch’s animal exhibits and petting zoos reach beyond the inherent enjoyment of these animals and focus on the simple but critical issues of care and responsibility.


Just as the animals have taught us, we hope they will touch and teach each and every person who has the opportunity to meet the magical critters of Windswept Ranch.


Windswept Ranch is licensed by the  USDA and California Department of Fish and Game

Everything I need to know, I learned from animals:  Listen carefully, speak softly, and no sudden moves.  diana